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Below you will find the stories of those who have chosen us as a partner and of those who have had the opportunity to experience our way of working and collaborating, people with whom we have exchanged ideas and shared experiences.

The reviews of our customers help us to improve more and more and to grow together, achieving an increasingly surprising result. The goal is to always be able to combine the seriousness necessary in the organization and the ability to amaze and excite.

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All very elegant, courteous and helpful.

The Catering Service is essential for the success of a wedding and with Nicolai we felt safe from the first moment. In particular, the now dear Claudio Tassi accompanied us on this long journey initially made up of tastings and choice of the perfect mise en place for the event, with great elegance and skill. A real Lord of other times. Claudio was in fact a very important figure on our wedding day, like all the dining room staff.


Thanks Nicolai thanks Cristina.

Having Cristina Mammi and choosing Nicolai made my wedding perfect. It is striking for its organization, quality and excellent advice. Sublime food from buffet to dinner to cake. Having Cristina is like having a wedding Planner.


5 on 5!

Catering is one of the fundamental pillars of the success of a wedding and with Nicolai we never had the slightest doubt that it would be a success. The quality of the food, the choreography of the dishes and the impeccable service are certainly the strong points.


Great Job!

I got to know you in the field for the first time yesterday and after many reviews from friends and colleagues I was able to ascertain the quality, professionalism, availability, elegance and education, fundamental thing in life, in a service IMPECCABLE! Superb food, I hope I have the opportunity to collaborate soon, thank you very much it has been an honor for me to learn from your excellence!