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Ondanomala Suite Club

Ondanomala Suite Club is a little oasis near Rome, a new concept of beach resort for  trendy solutions, where innovation is mixed with elegance and attention to details.

Ondanomala is an amazing wooden and straw structure with a big bar. Walking towards the shore you can come across in a confortable relax area, reserved to private parties, with tropical plants and english lown, wicker sofas and armchairs.




Casale Torre Sant’Anastasia

Built around the medieval tower from which takes its name, Casale Torre Sant’ Anastasia rises on the splendid hills of the Roman country.
In the past the tower was a guard outpost for the control of the eastern route that connected Rome and Ardea. Since the nineteenth century the estate surrounding the Tower was destined to extensive cultivation of cereals, to livestock and grazing. Since then the tower, the house and the estate have been handed down from generation to generation, maintaining their former glory.



Spazio 900

Inside the Palazzo dell’ Arte Antica, Spazio Novecento is 1000 mq of versatility and elegance in the heart of Eur district. Two spectacular terraces make it a suitable location 12 months a year. Spazio Novecento is able to host congresses and conventions, meetings, exhibitions and trade shows, gala dinners and business receptions, fashion parties and, of course, wedding receptions.



Tenuta di Ripolo

We are a few kilometers from Rome, near Trevignano Romano, among the hills that separate the lakes of Bracciano and Martignano by Sabatini Mountains. In this green area Romans built their patrician villas, to spend long periods of idleness, away from the bustle of the city. Once ancient property of the Odescalchi princes, now the estate hosts successfully events and exclusive parties in his spectacular salons or in the wide open spaces. The location also offers the possibility to set up suggestive parties and wedding receptions by the pool.


Casina Poggio della Rota

Exclusive location about 30 minutes from Rome and Viterbo, with an architectural style that blends ancient with modern and makes it ideal for any type of event and set up. Surrounded by six hectares of green, stands at the top of a hill between the two lakes of Vico and Bracciano. The rooftop pool, the terrace overlooking the garden with olive trees, the romantic little square with a fountain, in addition to the width of the interior (which can hold up to 260 people in a single room), are the strengths of this location. The view of the sunset gives golden atmosphere. The multiple spaces of the location, internal or external, can be used to give movement to the event: lunch or dinner inside (salon fully glazed on the garden and pool) or outdoor (poolside garden, under the shadow of olive trees on the terrace or in the square with fountain). Solutions are also available for overnight stay.

Villa Dino

Esclusiva e raffinata location per matrimoni ed eventi nel cuore del Parco dell’ Appia Antica a Roma. Per chi sogna il proprio ricevimento in un contesto unico al mondo, Villa Dino, con il suo parco e le sue sale interne, è il posto ideale per festeggiare ogni vostra occasione.

La villa dispone di una grande sala al primo piano, le cui ampie vetrate offrono una meravigliosa vista sul grande parco e sul giardino dei limoni. La sala del piano terra attigua alla limonaia è il luogo ideale per gli aperitivi e per danzare fino a tarda notte.

Passeggiando lungo il viale d’entrata si scorge il monumentale colonnato romano, scenario millenario di meravigliose cerimonie all’aperto.

Il Parco privato di Villa Dino riserva angoli ideali per allestire cene e pranzi apparecchiati sul prato.

Borgo della Merluzza

Borgo della Merluzza is a perfect location for aperitifs and cocktail parties, and can easily accommodate buffets and outdoor receptions for about 200 people, who will enjoy the pleasant relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in this pristine place.

In the main building, located next to the tower, we find two separated areas for different moments of events, with a capacity ranging from 50 to 200 seats, equipped with antique fireplaces and elegant antique furnishings. Those who wish to stay for a few days in this fabulous place can take advantage of eight delightful rooms and a suite that are located within the estate.


Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano

Just a short distance from Rome, at the southern shores of Lake Bracciano, stands the majestic Odescalchi Castle, one of the most beautiful feudal residences in Europe. Made in the second half of 1400, the construction is ideal meeting point between military and civil architecture.

Historical museum that welcomes tens of thousands of visitors a year, venue for private events, conventions, and cultural events, the castle of Bracciano, one of the largest fifteenth-century manor in Europe, is an important cultural attraction.

Donna Camilla Savelli

Questo albergo a 4 stelle si trova in una delle vie più eleganti del caratteristico quartiere di Trastevere, in assoluto uno dei rioni più autentici e più richiesti di Roma.

Il punto di forza di questa location è la sua terrazza che si affaccia a 360 gradi su Roma; in estate è possibile allestirla per una cena in cui i vostri ospiti saranno avvolti dal fascino della Città eterna.