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the perfect make-up for the most important day

It ‘s the most important day of your life and you will be beautiful. From the ceremony until the ‘last toast, your smile will delight your eyes and express the joy you’re experiencing.

To be perfect for the big day discover the beauty tips that will prove to be the expert of Clarins!

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Borgo della Merluzza

Borgo della Merluzza is a perfect location for aperitifs and cocktail parties, and can easily accommodate buffets and outdoor receptions for about 200 people, who will enjoy the pleasant relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in this pristine place.

In the main building, located next to the tower, we find two separated areas for different moments of events, with a capacity ranging from 50 to 200 seats, equipped with antique fireplaces and elegant antique furnishings. Those who wish to stay for a few days in this fabulous place can take advantage of eight delightful rooms and a suite that are located within the estate.


Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano

Just a short distance from Rome, at the southern shores of Lake Bracciano, stands the majestic Odescalchi Castle, one of the most beautiful feudal residences in Europe. Made in the second half of 1400, the construction is ideal meeting point between military and civil architecture.

Historical museum that welcomes tens of thousands of visitors a year, venue for private events, conventions, and cultural events, the castle of Bracciano, one of the largest fifteenth-century manor in Europe, is an important cultural attraction.